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Congratulations! You have found The Official and Original Camp Thailand Company which provides the ultimate in international cultural exchange odysseys to global citizens. We bring together adventurous travelers from around the world who, for the most part, prefer the opportunity to experience something unique and magical as part of a group, rather than travelling alone. Camp Thailand provides its participants the opportunity to meet new friends and immerse themselves in local Thai culture, volunteer and/or work, give back by helping others and animals in need, while living at one of our four idyllic Camp Thailand locations.

At Camp Thailand, we have created 7 distinct Cultural Exchange Odyssey programs and Over the last three years, over 3,000 global citizens have participated in one or more of programs. At Camp Thailand, there is truly something for everyone!

A: Camp Thailand General Volunteer Program: Also referred to as the Camp Thailand Odyssey Program, this is Camp Thailand’s premier and most popular program. Applicants from around the world come to Thailand for 3 weeks and engage in volunteer teaching, animal conservation and many amazing & fun activities. We also offer a similar general volunteer program at Camp Cambodia, Camp Vietnam and Camp Colombia.

B: Camp Thailand Healthcare Program: Camp Thailand offers specialised voluntary internship programs in Thailand for healthcare professionals and trainees from around the world. It is suitable for doctors and nurses, medical students, trainee nurses, dental assistants and other Medical Professionals.

N.B. From January 2018 onward, Camp Thailand will offer Camp Thailand Veterinarian Program and a Camp Thailand Social Work program.

C. Camp Thailand Special Project: Camp Thailand’s Professional English Teaching (TEFL/TESOL) program with a Guaranteed Paid English Language teaching placement (5 or 12 months or longer) in Thailand.

Camp Thailand in association with its sister company, English For Fun Company Ltd., (EFF) a Thai registered company that operates under a Thai Ministry of Education School license, also offers online and on-location, in class, TEFL/TESOL training courses, culminating in the awarding of a 120 hour, internationally accredited, TEFL/TESOL certification that enables holders of this certification to earn money as a travelling English Teacher (TEFL)(TESOL) in countries all over the world.

D. Camp Thailand English Language Academy and Camp Thailand English Language Courses

CAMP THAILAND offers 2 distinct programs for students of English from around the world to learn English.

Program 1: We operate a Camp Thailand English Academy at 3 locations in Thailand (Buriram, Cha-Am and Phuket). This program receives individual learners and groups of English language learners from middle schools, high schools and universities from within Thailand and from countries throughout the world. Return airport pick up and drop off within Thailand, all placement testing, course materials, food, accommodation and fun and rewarding activities are included in this program alternative.

Program 2: This program offers General and Specialised English Language courses at 3 locations in Thailand (Bangkok, Buriram and Phuket). As with Program 1 above, this program receives individual and group learners of English Language from within and outside Thailand but these learners choose to make their own independent accommodation arrangements, outside of our Campus environment.

E: Camp Thailand Adventures: This is Camp Thailand’s fully registered Thai Travel Agency and Tour operating company that organizes tours and trips within Thailand for Camp Thailand participants. In partnership with Camp Cambodia, tours and trips within Cambodia are also offered.

F: Camp Thailand Elephant and other Wildlife Conservation Projects in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. Camp Thailand only works with ethical partner programs. By far the most popular offering is the “Country Roads’ Take Me Home Elephant Freedom Program” www.ElephantFreedom.Me

G: Camp Thailand Special Elective Programs: In addition to the six programs listed above, Camp Thailand offers a series of 4 other week-long Special Elective Programs to choose from:

(i) Muay Thai Boxing
(ii) Thai Cooking and Language Courses
(iii) Dog Rescue
(iv) Homestay with a Thai family

Message to all Camp Thailand General Program Volunteers:

You will get to:

  1. Help create a better life for young Thai learners by providing them with free access to much needed English tuition that they or their families would otherwise not be able to afford.
  2. Help provide sanctuary to elephants and other endangered wildlife species.
  3. Have an opportunity to undertake an optional special Elective Program (EP’S) such as learning the art of Thai language, cooking or massage. For those Camp Thailanders based at Camp Buriram, there is also the opportunity to explore neighboring Cambodia.
  4. Travel to and experience life on an exotic Thai island and/or beach for the last 4 days of your intake program.

Message to all Camp Thailand Program Participants

At Camp Thailand, we offer 24/7 support from the moment you contact us until after you leave Thailand. If you are looking for a life changing experience that offers you a lot of fun and adventure and the opportunity to make a real, meaningful and lasting difference in the lives of other people or animals, you have come to the right family. The “Camp Thailand” Family!

20 Reasons to apply to Camp Thailand!

  1. Safe, 24/7 Supportive Environment with professional, experienced and fun Staff
  2. Experience Amazing Thailand! - Its Glorious People, Rich Culture, delicious food, exotic beaches and its Elephants
  3. Make New Friends across the world
  4. Unbeatable Fun and Adventure
  5. Learn some new skills such as Thai cooking, Thai language or Muay Thai boxing
  6. Option to stay on a homestay with a Thai host family
  7. Fantastic Value at unbelievably affordable prices
  8. Unique, Flexible and Superior Quality Programs
  9. Gain Self-Awareness to Define or Clarify Your Life’s Mission
  10. Experience Personal Growth and Learn New Skills
  11. Give Back and Be of Service to Thai Children and Animals in Need
  12. Volunteer at a Thai Hospital, Temple or Orphanage
  13. Volunteer and work with Elephants on an ethical Elephant Conservation Project
  14. Volunteer and work with other Animals at a Wildlife Rescue Centre
  15. Add Valuable Credentials to your Resume or C.V.
  16. Special, optional Elective Programs to choose from during Week 4
  17. Optional add on Tours: A: Bangkok Sightseeing B: Island Hopping C: Cambodia
  18. Earn your Internationally Accredited 120-hour TEFL/TESOL Certification for FREE! This is your passport to earning money as a traveling English teacher (TEFL)(TESOL) all over the world!
  19. If you are a Native English speaker, have a degree in any subject and you earn our TEFL/TESOL certification (the Certification Course is offered for free to all Camp Thailand Volunteers) we can place you in a paid Teaching job in Thailand should you so choose!
  20. You may get the opportunity to come back and Rep. or become a paid Ambassador for Camp Thailand in the future!

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you did not do than by the ones you did do. So, throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” - Mark Twain

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